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Looking back at life (thus far) my father has been a great role model and influenced my life massively.

Growing up he has taught me some valuable lessons that play a vital role in my day-to-day life like, “lefty-loosey, righty-tighty”,  how to change a tyre and “Don’t argue with your mother, she’s always right”, (although I think he learnt that one the hard way).

I have taken value into each of these lessons and they are things I will never forget.

Although these lessons have helped me get to where I am today, the biggest lesson that echos in my mind is one he said to me quite a lot when I was growing up:
“It’s always easier to blame someone else”,
Now this remark was always said to me in a form of manipulative sarcasm (aka reverse psychology) that he knew would test my ego…

When he was aware that I did something wrong and knew I should own up to it, he would always break the line out:

 “It’s always easier to blame someone else.”

It was said to me to test if I had the wiliness to take ownership for my own mistakes.

This being said to me time and time again made me think…

How often we as people take the easy way out, push away ownership for our own problems and try and divert the blame to someone/something else.

when a man points his fingers


If we live our lives not taking ownership of our own problems and how our life is to date, how will it affect us long term?

How long can we convince ourselves that the issues are out of our hands before they become such a problem that we are unable to take back the reins of our life and start to be happy again?

For example. If you are 5-10 kg’s off from your ideal body, what has stopped you from being there 1-2 months before reading this?

Seriously what “excuse” or “reason” has prevented you from achieving the body you deserve?

Is it time? (Make time)

Is it money? (Sacrifice the non-necessities)

Is it equipment? (Use your body weight)

Is it Genetics? (Let’s be serious)

Now seriously you can play tit-for-tat in your head all day (or with the people around you) as to why you can’t lose weight, why your “circumstances” are bigger than the world itself.

But will blaming the world for your problems ever truly help you get the body you are longing for?
OR “is it just easier to blame someone else”

Complaining as it to why it’s so hard will only further drown yourself in doubt in the un-attainability of your ideal body and fitness. You will create your own negative affirmations in your head if you continue to tell yourself it can’t be done.

“it’s not the cards that you’re dealt, but how you play your hand”

Each and every person can get their life back on track given that their driving force for attaining there goal is bigger than the B.S excuse to why it hasn’t been achieved yet.

Stop counting the reasons as to why it hasn’t happened yet and start convincing yourself daily as to why you have to do it. Take ever chance you get to remind yourself why you are venturing on this journey whether it is: confidence, for your family, health reasons or just to feel alive again.

Take every opportunity to have accountability for your own life and its present state, once you have ownership of your life you can take back control and start to head where you need to be.

“I attribute my success to this: I never gave or took any excuse.”
- Florence Nightingale


Just get out there and do it,
Thanks, Nathan 


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Hi my names Nathan Perry Over 6 years ago I decided to take on the challenge of starting my own Personal Training Business “Newstage Personal Training”. Seeing many around me struggle with the ups and downs of fat loss I decided to make it my personal mission to do whatever it took to acquire the many skills required to be a fat loss specialist. Since starting I have helped hundreds of Newcastle and hunter locals get a fresh outlook on life while attaining a body they never thought possible. If you would personally like to find out more about me, feel free to add me on facebook on https://www.facebook.com/nathan.perrypt