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2015, what a year!
For many people I know, it was an up-down rollercoaster ride of uncertainty, with each new turn bringing with it more weight to the already heavy year.  Things pile up and the weight of the prior year is only lightened by the optimism of a New Year bringing new opportunities to start again and “do it right this time”.

Can you really blame people for wanting to grasp that glimpse optimism that the New Year brings?

It is seemingly becoming a trend to frown upon those who set New Year resolution goals and wish to better the year prior.
But why is this the case, is it really your fault for wanting more and to better yourself?
I don’t think so at all!
I think the biggest cause for people discrediting the “resolutioner’s” goals is that statistically most fail.
No matter the goal:

- Quit smoking
- Lose weight
- Spend more time with family
- Save more

See, no matter the year prior and how uncomfortable it may have been or how truly optimistic you are stepping into a new year, all of those goals in the past have failed for one reason;  you were too vague with your means as to how you were going to attain them.  It’s all well and good to want to get back in shape and lose weight, it’s the reason I am in the industry- to help you achieve your goals.  But you are only setting yourself up for more failure, disappointment and lack of confidence if you aim to do it blindly.
This is where I wanted to help you with this blog post.


Is it really your fault that you haven’t stuck too your new year’s resolutions in the past? Absolutely!
(Sorry, but if you are serious about losing weight it’s time to take ownership)

Can we change what happened in the past, No!
So let’s not dwell on past mistakes and use the proven approach below to make 2016 the most success fitness year yet and step into a new stage in your life!

All great ideas only come to fruition with a solid action plan in place, so first we need to establish a ground game, grab a pen and piece of paper and let’s begin now.
Using reverse-engineering, let’s work from where you wish to be and figure out what you need to do in each step.


  • Where would I like to be in December 2016: …………………………
  • I want to weigh/or be in a dress size: …………………………
  • I want to feel; …………………………
  • When people look at me they will think; …………………………
  • When I look at me I will think; …………………………

Now use the questions answered above and break them down into three month goals to help you make them more attainable and paint the picture of how this year is going to look (repeat them for March, June and September).

If your end goal is to weigh 20 kilos less by December, then you will need to lose a total of 5kg by march, 10kg by June, 15kg by September and 20kg by December.
This is one of the most common things people overlook when trying to set goals.  They just write that they wish to lose 20kg without breaking it down to smaller increments and before they know it, it’s July and they haven’t really achieved much.

Now we need to work out what needs to be done in each three month block to guarantee you meet your goals.
Having already established (in past blog posts seen here- ) that there is 3500 calories in roughly half a kilo of body fat – you have to be on average in a 500 calorie a day deficit to burn 3500 calories a week.  So if we aim for 2kg loss each month, then all that needs to be burnt each week is 3500 calories.  This is best achieved with a small food reduction and the addition of exercise.  I would recommend doing a 100 calorie a day deficit to an already tidy diet and adding three 816 calorie workouts in a week using high intensity circuit training.  If the three workouts or that intensity seems too much, you can be stricter your diet, but understand that if your diet is too restricted you can affect your metabolism.

Planning out each day in advance is a surefire way to know you will always be on track to achieving your goals.  I have attached a pdf below that you can print off and stick to your fridge making sure each week you know week in advance what you are eating and when you plan to train.

Blueprint your way to success by knowing the means to attaining each goal step by step, and you can almost certainly guarantee it will become yours.  Spontaneously setting a resolution of being a “new version of you” without any ground game is the best way to become overwhelmed and disheartened when it isn’t realised.

Is it really your fault you didn’t achieve all your goals last year? YEP!
You didn’t eat right, you didn’t train right and as a result you probably lost motivation near the end of the year too.
Losing weight isn’t some serendipitous anomaly found by randomly picking up weights or going for a walk.  It is a scientific process of creating a demand for your body to change its composition and can only be acquired through planning and dedication.
So take the time out of your day TODAY and plan out how you are going to get there or seek help with your planning and guarantee 2016 is the year you take back control of your health.


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