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Unfortunately reality as it stands, we are yet to live in a utopian society where everything runs smoothly and life is perfect and precise.  Some days you wake up ready to take on the day, you walk into the kitchen ready to have another great day sticking to your diet by making a healthy sandwich for lunch and within seconds your mood drops through the floor once you find that the bread is covered in mould!
You now have 2 options, either you throw it out and go hungry all day or eat around the mould and work with what you’ve got.
For many they say “F#*k it, not today, I would rather go hungry or buy lunch”. Because it’s not the ideal scenario they had planned in their head. But for some, they know they can work with the best of a sh*t scenario and still stay on track.

If there is one thing I have learnt thus far, when it comes to both fitness and life things aren’t always going to run smoothly.

Despite things not always running to plan, if you manage to grasp the art of improvisation, what once may have been a total write-off with your workout and diet can soon turn into another leap towards achieving the body and health you long for.

To many of my clients I am known for being punctual, proficient and reliable. To the untrained eye everything can seemingly run as planned (this is not always the case).

Mishaps do happen and you can’t control every circumstance. Learning to adapt to the unplanned will serve you well in all aspects of life. Below are some of my top tips to overcome workout obstacles.

Missed workouts: So you slept in and missed your Monday morning session?

It’s ok, don’t stress, it happens to the best of us.
Let’s say for example you normally train 3 days per week and you just missed one. Split the missed workout’s program and add it into the other 2 sessions. You will have a higher sense of workout satisfaction and it will keep you on track towards your goals.
This also means next time you might set a few more alarms ;)

Something came up later in the day: So you get home from work and you remembered you had dinner plans later that night, you’re workout time has been cut in half. This DOSEN’T mean you have to skip your session. Get to the gym and maximize on your shortened time:

-          Shorten the distance travelled between exercise

-          Do circuits or super sets (2 exercises back to back) to maximize available time

-          Minimize rest between sets

-          Use singular pieces of equipment (just 1 set of dumbbells or body weight) instead of using every piece of equipment in the gym

-          Shorten your cardio to short high intensity bursts instead of long winded walks


Someone is using your piece of equipment:
It happens all the time you have your favourite workout plan set and someone else is using your piece of equipment (the only one of its kind in the gym).


Don’t stress or hesitate, be polite and ask how many more sets they have left, if its anymore than one continue to your next exercise or improvise with targeting the same muscle group with a similar exercise. If they are using the leg press try doing squats, lunges or deadlifts. Make sure you are still using the same amount of perceived force with this exercise.

If they say they won’t be long, ask if they can put your towel on the equipment when they are done and come grab you. In this instance do your next exercise on your program and come back the equipment is free.

Can’t get to the gym: So the battery is flat on your car or your lift never arrived to pick you up. This shouldn’t stop you from still having an amazing workout. Some of the best workouts can be done from the comfort of your home using just your body weight.

Try this for a circuit :

workout square

-10 squats
-10 push-ups
-30 second plank
-45 seconds jogging on the spot.
Repeat this 6-8 times (trust me this is a lot harder than it looks) it should take 20-30 minutes depending on your current fitness level.

As you can see it’s easy to overcome some of the most annoying setbacks, but learning to think on your feet instead of saying “oh well, it wasn’t meant to be today” can guarantee your long term success.



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