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Still not sure what online personal training can do for you ?

Diet planning
Create a custom diet based on all your nutritional requirements and preferences. Including :

Meal preparation/ cooking time
Personal intolerances (dairy, meats, etc)
Specific caloric requirements based on your fat loss goal and current physical state. Helping you to stay in a constant fat loss deficit while being nutritionally satisfied

All of your recipes in your plan have:

The option to be edited, chopped changed and recalibrated based on your specific needs.
Printed off as a shopping list in the click of a button
Add in your own home made recipes and equate to how they will impact your diet.

Workout Programs
Create cardiovascular programs keeping you on track with:
The right fat burning heart rate for your body
The right intensity and duration for your cardio workouts

Complete variation based on your likes ( swimming, sports, walking, etc )

Track your exercise progress:There is nothing worse than not knowing what exercises you have done and what weights you have used, all can be input into your personal online account with the option to print off your program for ease of use in the gym or on the go.
How can it keep you on track to staying fat free for ever?
The importance of knowing your starting point and where you wish to be is vital to your success. From initial set up you will input all your measurements with complete explanation on how to , including:

Girth measurements or clothing sizes
Fitness assessment
Strength and endurance assessments
Flexibility assessment
All of these assessments will help keep you motivated throughout your fat loss journey

After you have assessed where you are you can chose how much fat you want to burn and what time frame you want to do it in based on your end goal.This will help the software pin point the right amount of training and nutrition needed to accelerate your results safely.
As you change an improve, ultimate fitness solution will show you full graphs and charts of what you have accomplished to help determine what your next step will be


What our clients say?


The “Big 6 foundations to fitness success” (Video series), taking you through the fundamental foundations to long term success in fatloss. Guaranteeing you learn how to lose weight, stay constantly motivated and never put the weight back on, all while loving what you do.
Motivational and informational emails: you will receive weekly auto responder emails teaching you tips, tricks and tools on how to stay motivated and improve the quality of your life on a regular basis keeping you on track and never falling into the stop star slum that so many people do.
1 year membership $360

By clicking the above you agree to the terms and conditions