Are you a Newcastle and Charlestown local sick of carrying around stubborn body fat?

Newstage Personal Training, Newcastles Fat Loss Specialists have the break through system you have been waiting for.

Look if you are anything like our current clients

  • You’re sick of feeling self conscious about your body
  • Frustrated with diets that deprive you and just don’t work!
  • Unhappy with the lack of spare in your relationship
  • Over doing hours of cardio and seeing little to no results
  • Ready to see Real change in your body & Life
Wasting your hard earned money on average trainers delivering average results & take the opportunity to train with Newcastles Fat Loss Specialists and be Fat Free Forever

Now…..What can you expect compared to our competition

You will be working with a fully qualified personal trainer specialising in fat loss & toning, not just another “generic PT”
The latest techniques, training & nutrition advice to date
Increased metabolism and muscle tone
Fun, motivational and inspirational sessions all local to Charlestown
Personal trainers that actually care about your health & wellbeing not just another pay check
The right diet & nutrition to keep you fat free forever

And most importantly

Book a consult

Questions answered

  • What we’re not going to do
  • Put you on a crash diet
  • Yell or use forms of intimidation
  • Tell you to take pills, potions and fat burners
  • Expect you to do hours of boring cardio
  • Make you cut out all of the fun foods

So if you are ready for real change & want to see what Newcastles leading Fat Loss Specialists can do for you Book an Obligation Free consult today