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Much like a thumbprint each and every one of us has our own story that is unique and individual. The story we currently tell is based on past events, exposures, surroundings, experiences and influences. Each of these factors accumulates over time changing our view of the world. Now, you may already be wondering how this contributes to weight loss and training, but stay with me and you will soon understand.

As each day passes, we grasp a stronger understanding of how we see the world and start to concrete our “belief foundation”. This foundation is the basis of our story. Truth be told, there is no singular and definitive way to look at the world, as we all have our own understanding of “reality”.

Let me give you a few examples;

I finally finished reading “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” by Stephen Covey, over the weekend. Which included the following drawing of a woman (shown below)


The portrait of this woman can been interpreted two ways; one as a young, beautiful woman, a woman that a young guy may go out of his way to help or impress; the other, as an older, less attractive woman, who has a bigger nose and may not get much attention from a young man at all.
This image was shown to Stephen’s class at Harvard and within a few minutes the class began to debate who was “right” and who was “wrong”. Both parties believed, without a doubt, that they were right in the way they saw it.

Here is another example (from Google)

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This image simply conveys how two people can look at the same tangible item and have both different and correct opinions.
In Stephens words “It’s not logical, it’s psychological”
It shows our paradigm of perception.

Throughout my years as a Personal Trainer, this has been something I have admittedly struggled with. I was raised with a relatively structured day eg, breakfast at a certain time, dinner at a certain time, keeping things clean etc.
Now, to me it only seems logical that most would function the same way.
Apparently not…

So when it came time to look at the way my client’s logged their days, diets and training, I couldn’t fathom such chaos.
Going all day without food, but eating a massive dinner?
Drinking soft drink with every meal?
Not wanting to train more or plan when they would train and eat.
Are these people serious?

It’s not until you get a 10,000ft view of your life or others, that you truly see the bigger picture.
It’s our paradigms, or framework, of how we see our lives that dictate where we invest our time each day.
I personally see value in planning out meals and knowing in advance which days I will train and what the session will consist of, where others may see it as too rigid or constrictive.
Both can be right.
Both options also have determined a certain outcome.

Flexibility can allow limitless food choice and the ability to train when you like or even not to train. Planning can allow set meals and set training days, but it may limit the free fun time you have if you are invited to catch up with friends.
There are pros and cons to both, there needs to be synergy between these options to keep sanity and enjoyment at a high.
Now why’s this relevant to all things weight loss?

Improvement… well, the velocity that the change is implemented to improve.

Being an overly ambitious person, I understand the need that clients have when they first start training to improve it all.
To lose all their body-fat, to feel fitter, to eat better and to live better.
However, if you have lived with any habit that doesn’t support this change for over 5 weeks, it will become extremely uncomfortable when you try and apply it. Furthermore, if your paradigms of perception don’t support these new changes and you don’t interpret them the same way as the person who has instructed them, then you can be assured that they won’t last long- nor be enjoyable.
It makes sense doesn’t it?
Sustainability should be the goal for every program. There’s hardly any point in losing weight if it can’t be kept off once achieved.

I have made a video >>here<< that explains how and why I structure my sessions and diets the way that I do (it requires your email address and total 27 minutes of your time to watch). It breaks down why, in fat loss, certain things need to be implemented.

My hope is that, with this blog post, you take the time to step back and question whether the habits you have today support your journey.

Sometimes we have habits that are like a handbrake on our success, slowing down the speed at which we can travel. Instead of releasing the handbrake, we try and apply more and more gas, only burning ourselves out.
Things like training longer, taking fat burners or pills and potions. Might add more fuel to the fire but if that handbrake is still on, you won’t be going any faster.
But when you find those brakes and learn how to release them at the right time, you will be amazed at how fast you can travel.

I hope you have taken enough information away from this to understand that we all see the world differently and we can all be correct.
If you know of someone who has achieved significant fat loss and kept it off, take the time to learn how they structure their lives and where it may differ from your own.
You may just find what you are looking for.


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Hi my names Nathan Perry Over 6 years ago I decided to take on the challenge of starting my own Personal Training Business “Newstage Personal Training”. Seeing many around me struggle with the ups and downs of fat loss I decided to make it my personal mission to do whatever it took to acquire the many skills required to be a fat loss specialist. Since starting I have helped hundreds of Newcastle and hunter locals get a fresh outlook on life while attaining a body they never thought possible. If you would personally like to find out more about me, feel free to add me on facebook on