The Econometrics of your future

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Wouldn’t it be great if we could predict today what we would have tomorrow?

Kind of a mirrorball view into the future without the Gypsy-Magic or Tarot cards.


We already use mathematic equations as predictors in the future economy, why not use them to predict our own future?

Without becoming to overly analytic, if you understand the basic principal behind bartering you will be able follow me in equating how your day to day exchanges will foretell your future.

Understanding first that everything you have/will-have, will come at some expense is fundamental when equating how you go about your day to day transactions.

Sounds kind of confusing, but it’s not really.

A basic example of how a transactional process can flow is;

- We exchange time each day at work in return for financial compensation,

- We divvy our pay into multiple exchanges for: food, power, transport etc,

- We expect the food we buy to keep us functioning healthy,

- We know our health keeps us alive,

The process ends at being alive and repeats and relies on all the above factors.

So basically we know how to swap things for other things we want or need.

The daily transactional process of exchange is always completed in the hope to receive something of equal or better “value” in return.

Keeping in alignment with the above example if you acquire higher education or perform a job that exhibits a higher chance of risk we naturally expect a greater reward in return when compared to a frivolous job that can be done without the acquisition of any extravagant skills.

So we understand that the econometrics in bartering our time isn’t as simple as;

Time = Money..
Time + Skill + Detriment to our health = Money.

The value in our time then becomes indicative based on the relevant factors.

Why can it be said then for many we lose the return of investment when we make the exchange into our diet by simplifying the equation to
Food = Food ?

Given that we already know food somewhat dictates our health shouldn’t we be getting a higher return on our investment??

If we reverse engineered our lives and looked back upon them as indicators to our future we would soon barter more attentively when it comes to our health.


If you knew you were buying shares in a company that’s on a slow decline wouldn’t you pull away from that idea and start investing better rather than gambling on the hope a miracle happens?

Let’s use another common example;

If 1 can of coke = 161 calories and we had one can each day for 7 days we would have an additional 1127 calories per week.

So over a month that would be 4508 additional calories.

And over a year 58656 additional calories.

Using basic science we know that there is 3500 calories in about half a kilo of body fat then over a year you have the potential to add an additional 8kg of Body-fat from that 1 can of coke each day. (This example isn’t using all relevant factors of; metabolic conditioning, energy expenditures, adaptions etc) but it shows how a small often overlooked thing can quickly equate.

Now I understand that many don’t drink coke it was purely an example.

But I am aware that many of us have daily or weekly habits that have perpetuated over time and impinge on our health. These factors often get overlooked as they don’t have a direct or dramatic effect on our health instantaneously.

If you had a can of coke today and woke-up tomorrow coughing up blood it would give you a big slap in the face saying “Time for change”. In saying this I don’t want to sound too melodramatic but sometimes it’s necessary to exacerbate a problem for conscious awareness.

I would argue that even the best health professional (doctors included) couldn’t predict if they would wake up tomorrow with Cancer, Type 2 Diabetes or any of the other medical conditions associated with eating crappy food just from having that one bad meal. This is why prevention is the best cure and if we can make better choices in our day to day transactions you will soon see the future funds of your health flourish in prosperity.

Far too often I hear the phrase I’m creating a “lifestyle change” from people who refuse to actually create that change and instead it simple means to them “I still want to eat crap food but I want to feel good about it by having healthy food sprinkled throughout my week”.

Not everything needs to be excluded to increase the quality of your life but if you are unhappy with where you are at currently it’s time to start shaking off the foods, thoughts and habits that have driven you to be unhappy.

If you start to improve the quality of how you eat and exercise you will instantly reduce your risk of: Type 2 Diabetes, Ovarian and Prostate Cancer, Obesity, High blood pressure, weight bearing issues (like bad knees), mood swings,  etc.

In return of making a better investment you; will live longer, have better immunity, feel better, feel more energetic, enjoy simple things like family photos, beach days and physical activity, Among actually feeling comfortable in your own skin!!
The list honestly continues endlessly.

I have been known to make the odd bad investment from time to time too

But it equates to 5-10% of my week at best, that means each week I have a 90-95% positive return on investment into my health.

If there is one thing worth making an investment into it’s your health.

Be clear and concise where you choose to invest your health and know how each and every choice you make influences where you will be tomorrow.

Make the small changes count towards a more prosperous tomorrow.


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